Jelle Debusscher


Materials: canvas, charcoal, oil, medium, terpentine

The abstract paintings of Jelle Debusscher have that something irresistable.


They invite the viewer. The eye is led to colors and exhilirating,
complex lines.  Those colors and lines vibrate, reach into each other,
expulse in movement, transponate in fragments and flashes. 
get as a viewer an indepth transponation in the universe of lingering
depths of color and luminosity. Subtle or powerfully expressive, almost
monochromatic evolving slowly according eruptive lines, each painting
evokes every time another imagery of the ever changing and renewing


As such it’s like there is a constant movement present. It
goes often from down to up en more often to to upper right hand corner.
On other paintings she seems to explode, but even more frequent one
recognizes a spiralform of colors and lines to a mystical lightning
immersive space, evolving away from the viewer.
The in perception called movement seems to be harmonic. There is no
feeling of chaos at first sight.  It is like one perceives every other
time insight in a specific cosmical act. That can be tought of in the
outside world, or call on an image of inner contrapment.
it is in an erupting universe, or in a universe that preceeds upward
and stagnates, or a spiraling movement with an intens depth-effect as in
a luminous fog.
The abstraction is complex.  One gazes and doesn’t fully comprehend the painting and this uneasy feeling doesn’t settle.  It’s not entirely describable, but it seems the viewer is lost when focusing on the work.  The inner experience has the tendency to grab hold onto the moving image that lures the viewer in its harmonical restlessness.

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Work in progress : March 2018

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EVO (Expertisecentrum Voor Ontwikkelingsstoornissen) Design 2012 Jelle Debusscher

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