The Mastery is in the Act


Painted in the spring 2013, "A Spring" is a reference to the energy of the Arab Spring revolutions.  

This is the largest diptych from the collection and also one of the few. 
It measures 3m in width and one meter in height, extending the rooms visual atmosphere.

When we first encounter the paintings we are astounded by level of detail and the fine calligraphic like styling.

The human form can not be depicted only imagined.

Neural energy

The stye of paintings is used for meditation and release of psychological blockage.  
It gives the same energy as absorbing nature's fractals, clearing neural pathways by the act of perception.

Impressive artistry

The energy that radiates around this work is explosive and fresh.  It is turbulent yet decise, overwhelming yet familiar, a bit like the fractals presented by nature.  

The background story is symbolic.  By balancing on the brink of the figurative and the hereby stimulating the neural impulses of our visual memory, images and scenery appear out of nowhere.   At what moment meaning is attached to mere overlapping impulses of vision?

Thank you for watching.

The Mastery is in the Act


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