The Story itself as a Medium

To get acquiantend with the work of Jelle Debusscher one has to experience it.  

It is an inviting style, refined creative, and an introspective journey along psychological keystones formed by the unique titling. 

These are all parts, interpretations and studies for his epos Simple Subconscious Views, a journey into the abstract.  

Worldly Framework

Trance-like state and the importance of story

At the moment of creation the artist creates a blank slate in his mind. 
Painting is all about finding balance en that is also how Jelle takes up the painting skill. 
Every stroke is a communication attempt to the previous ones and the future ones. 
It is a balancing of the focus of attention, the art of perception/creation.

Some say therefor he paints 'music' which could be an interpretation for the channeling device the human body is.

Light Green Travels

Hand painted focus

The works are all painted by hand, some over the couse of days, other weeks, and some ... months.  The materials used are charcoal, oil and medium as basis.  


The works are the result of a refined stylism with a sharp eye for the emotion it expresses. 
Yet they can only come to life in the eye of the beholder, by the mere act of perception.  

So thank you for your attention.

Untitled n°2