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Absinth Minded

Abstraction to symbols

An exploration of perception.

Technological Imagination

From his technological extrapolated collection 'Derivates' Jelle Debusscher produces powerful symbolic imagery.  

Out of mirrored and heavily transformed paintings new spaces and faces arise.   Nevertheless the elegant styling of the artist remains present in the digitized images.
What you see can only be part of ones one imagination.  

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Exponential Pixels

How does art evolve?

Jelle Debusscher delivers another complex abstract work with 'Exponential Pixels'.  This work evolved from digital enhancements to previous pictures of paintings.  

Depending on the distance we get an overall feel of speed; a hurling towards a finite world. 

The pixel is squared and seems a part of the act of perception, a reference to the technological methods.

The color pallet is vivid and joyfull and is made up out of warm reds and yellows, some purple and blue.

The whole seems inescapable, the vision is locked in on the center and it is hard to differentiate although the lining formed by the squares stays straight.