Digital Design




These works were developed from pictures of paintings. 

They are digitally enhanced and printed in high resolution on various substrates like steel, canvas or wood.  

They are the result of mixed media processes starting with abstract and organic oil paintings, void from meaning.
The collection has been made available as nft's. 

See the full collection here.

The Medium is the Message

Designs detached from time


Out of a kaleidoscopic functions imagery appears.  The mirroring of fluent curves creates perspective, space and figures.   

Esthetical and emotional value

The use of different techniques and methods creates a multilayered vision of time and place.  They are endless artworks due to the great detail and style of the artist.  

Productional value

Depending on the finishing these works are affordable to all.  
Thanks to modern production techniques they are dust and scratch resistant.

Resale value

The production of this kind of artworks is a next phase in the development of artistic value.  On request the physical item is bounded with its nft-counterpart.  


All our artwork is customizable to your wishes.  Don't hesitate to ask for a free price estimate here.

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