Exposition Universitair Ziekenhuis Campus Jette 06/07-07/08

Laarbeeklaan 101

Jelle Debusscher (°1979) is an Antwerp based artist fascinated with pattern recognition and pattern obfuscation. As an experienced videographer (2003 St-Lukas, 2006 RITS) he chooses the painting medium to investigate how the message is transformed by the medium used.

“A story always has three sides, otherwise it’s no Story.”


Jelle started painting in 2011 after a near fatal accident in which he broke his elbow. It was surgically replaced and in search of revalidation, he discovered his unopened oil paint from his childhood. Curious to see if patterns would emerge when creating blindly, his early works are complicated and seemingly chaotic endeavours of a greater exceptional framework in which pallets are outspoken. But it is only when he started working on big canvasses the intentional pattern would emerge.

Patterns make up our world and the binary syntax is all to often interpreted as the Truth. This is why for the most part his works exists in the triptych form, to evoke the idea of a third perception.

“A story always has three sides, otherwise it’s no Story.”

Nevertheless the chaos never gets the upper hand and the sensuality by which the artist sets and aligns his strokes has a vibrant energy throughout his entire oeuvre.

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