Subliminal Tracks


Oil, charcoal & medium on triptych canvas

An Impressive Invitation

This large work, "Subliminal Tracks" - which is on display in Ghant for the time being - is an impressive invitation to the oeuvre of Jelle Debusscher.  

Explosive yet concise, turbulent but strict in its impulses, it shows us a universe of cold but vibrant colours made up from shades, sharp strokes and fluid forms.  

A Train with No Rails

As we look figuratively at the work we could vaguely see a storming train in the right panel.  It gives the work a certain perspective which is an invitation to investigate further.

A Concise Styling

It's style is sharp en precise.  There is a lot of craftmanship present in the way the fine oily pigment is applied to the canvas.  

Marvelous Framework

The artist used different techniques on the canvas though it doesn't feel as experiment.  All strokes are placed with a focused intention in perspective and relation to the previous composition.  

It is a building up of layered connections between techniques.  Yet it feels very strict it's rigorous and slowly revealing in its presentation.  

Thank you for watching.

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